Foods That Can Be Good for Your Teeth during the fall

There is a lot of charm associated with the fall season. You get to enjoy cooler weather and, so, the cozy rooms with a fireplace. The great delight associated with this season is about the foods that we can have. There are a lot of delicious foods that can bring joy to you during this season.

However, the matter of fact is that most of the foods which are meant to be enjoyed during fall are not usually good for dental health. But then, there are some foods which can be good for your oral and dental health. All you have to do is to find out what works for your dental health.

The fall foods which are generally good for your dental health are worth mentioning in this regard.


The health benefits of apples are known to most of us. When it comes to enjoying this food during fall season, we usually like to have ciders and pies made of it. But when it comes to oral health, you may find it interesting that eating raw apples can be quite good for your teeth, gums and other areas of your oral cavity. One thing worth mentioning about apples is that they are naturally high in sugars but it’s the natural sugar which the apples have. Secondly, the amount of water and fiber counteract with the sugars.

There are two ways apples can be beneficial for your oral health. The first benefit is associated with the crunchiness of apples. When you eat crunchy foods, they stimulate the saliva production in the mouth. Secondly, apple acts like a natural scrubber when you chew it. It means that apples can help you get rid of the plaque and leftover food particles in the mouth.


Talking specifically about fall foods, the first that comes to the mind is pumpkin. There are a lot of ways you can use pumpkin in the foods that you eat daily. One thing that you have to keep in mind about pumpkin is that it is a highly nutrient-rich food that can be nothing less than a blessing for your oral and overall health. A few benefits of pumpkin for oral health are worth mentioning in this regard.

  • Pumpkin has zinc. Zinc is the very element whose deficiency can lead to weaker bones, tooth decay and bleeding gums.
  • There is fair amount of magnesium present in the pumpkin. Magnesium is important for tooth enamel because it works with calcium to make the outer layer of the teeth stronger.
  • Pumpkin can provide vitamin A in an amount sufficient for a person during a full day.
  • You can get 20% of your required vitamin C supply from pumpkin.
  • Pumpkin has beta-carotene which can help in fighting different types of cancers.

Healthy choices

Apart from these foods, there are many other healthy foods which you can have during the fall. What matters the most is that how healthy your food choices are. You can also consult your dentist in order to get the recommendation about the foods that you can have in order to maintain the best of your oral health.


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